fan för mitt liv

Eller den svenska variationen:
Hittade en hemsida jag tyckte var lite rolig. En hemsida där man skriver om det hänt någonting dåligt under ens dag typ. Här är några förslag som folk har skrivit:

Today my sister and I bought new cell phones. We both wanted the same phone in red, but the guy told us that there was only one red phone left. Flirting with him, I said "You should give the prettier sister the red phone". My new phone is black.

Today, after months of trying, my wife of seven years told me she is finally pregnant. I'm going to be an uncle.

Today, I was playing around on Photo Booth, using wierd effects on pictures of myself. I clicked on one and thought to myself that it was a realy ugly effect. Then I noticed that it was set on normal.

Today, my girlfriend accued me of not having any friends. So I ent out a mass text saying "Hey. what's up?" to prove her wrong. I didn't get any replies.

Today, it was my birthday. My parents handed me my present, and when I unwrapped it, there was a cellphone box inside. I was so excited to get a new phone, that I threw my old phone on the floor and stepped on it, while my parents watched in horror. I opened the box to see my phone, only to find a happy birthday card with 20 dollars in it. They'd just reused the box.

Today, after my girlfriend telling me for years that she would marry me in a heartbeat, I finally proposed. She said no.

Today, I was ina hurry to catch a plane. I got hald way to the airport and realized I forgot my phone. I drove back to the house and searched for it. I finally gave up and returned to the airport only to find that I was 10 minutes late for my plane. Just then my pocket vibrated.

Today, my best friend was texting me about her sick dog. She wrote "Do you think she will get better?", so I wrote "I hope she does". It wasn't until later that I realized I accidentally wrote "I hope she dies" instead.


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